Venizelos’ New Year’s Day message: I hope that 2015 will be a safe year for our country

‘’The Greek people want stability, consensus and unity. We will fight together in order to come out of this ordeal strong and victorious, giving Greece the place it deserves both in Europe and in the whole world’’

This is part of Mr. Venizelos’ New Year’s Day message, who also wishes that this year will be a safe, stable year, one that will redeem all injustice inflicted upon us and help us realize our dreams.

More specifically, the whole message of the government’s Vice President is as follows:

‘’ I wish a happy new year and the very best to every Greek, from the bottom of my heart, a year with health and solidarity. Every new year is all about invigorating hope and inspiring optimism. Therefore, I wish and hope as well that in the year to come we will be able to fulfill our dreams, renounce all injustice, and enjoy a safe, stable year. The Greek people longs for a general consensus, stability and unity. In view of that, we shall all strive to bring back Greece to its rightful place among the countries of Europe and the whole world itself. Happy new year to everyone’’.