Visit Greece’s own exotic Bali beach! (photo-video)

It is in Crete

Many parts of  of Greece can easily be compared to the most exotic destinations around the world. In fact, in some cases they aven have the same names as their far-off destinations. Did you know, for example, that Greece has its own beautiful exotic Bali? Itcan be found in Crete, and more specifically in Rethymnon.

The exotic Bali of Greece in Rethymnon

It is the most popular resort in Rethymon, which is no surprise given its golden sand, blue waters, green trees and organised beaches.

It is truly like you are magically transported to exotic Bali in a corner of Crete. Once you arrive you can choose between four beaches as Bali is a fairly large area about 40 minutes away from the city of Rethymnon.

“Honey” (which actually the meaning of the word Bali) caters to all tastes. You can just go and relax reading your book and then take a dip in the crystal clear waters. Or you can take the family and let the kids play in the sand. If you are more active, you can indulge in water sports since it is also has the more sporty covered. One of the beaches also has pebbles for those who do not prefer sand.

On top of that, all the beaches are always calm as Bali Bay is protected from the winds.

video courtesy of YouTube channel Sun Travels 


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