Watch Army Helicopter Disperse Youth Soccer Game Amid Virus Lockdown

The incident occurred in Tunisia

It appears the government of the tiny north African country of Tunisia thinks there is a competition on for the most absurd overreaction to citizens ignoring and defying national ‘stay at home’ orders.

In late March, Tunisia made headlines by deploying a “robocop” to help enforce the virus lockdown in the capital of Tunis. At that time the interior ministry confirmed it deployed a four-wheeled robot that harasses people if they’re violating the strict public health orders to shelter-at-home.

Though that earlier method which resulted in bizarre dystopic scenes of a robot interrogating random citizens evoked widespread mockery and anger on the internet, it seems authorities were unfazed, as days ago the Tunisian Army actually deployed a military helicopter against a group of young people playing a pick-up game of soccer.