Where are Greece’s beautiful ‘fjords’? (drone video)

Just a short from downtown Athens

Norway may be famous for its fjords, but Greece has its own special terrain similar to the famous northern European landscape. And it very close to the country’s capital.

Only a 20-minute drive from the centre of Athens lies a place where the shore formations create the unique little fjords of Attica…Welcome to the Attica fjords of “Aixioni”!

The fjord of Attica “Aixoni”
The tip of Aixoni derives its name from the ancient city of Aixoni, which is today’s Glyfada, a suburb in South Athens located in the Athens Riviera. At the end of the 6th century BC, Cleisthenes divided the coastal region into 4 municipalities: Paleon Faliron, Alimos, Evonymon, which included today’s Vouliagmeni Avenue and part of Ilioupoli and Aixoni.

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The word Aixoni in ancient Greek means “the area of ​​the goats” and is a synthesis of the words: “hex” which means goat and “ioni”, which meant territorial boundary. It was one of the largest municipalities in ancient Greece and is estimated to have been inhabited since at least the 3rd millennium BC.

A unique landscape with natural beauty, the vista is incredible when looking from above. It is the Attica fjord. Remnants of that area were brought to light in the tourist complex Asteria Glyfada in 1998. The Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities had located a part of a cemetery of the early Helladic period, but also a prehistoric precinct, around which there is a cemetery of late Roman times.

Seeing the fjords of Attica, you can only feel at awe with the beauty of nature, even a short drive away from a modern city.

drone footage courtesy of Up Drones YouTube channel

source exploringgreece.tv