Woman conceived 3rd baby while pregnant with twins!

It was revealed during an ultrasound

A couple received the shock of their lives when an ultrasound revealed they had conceived a third child whilst the mum was already pregnant with twins.

TikTok user @theblondebunny posted the video of the moment she and her partner found out they would be having three, not two, children.

The doctor turns the ultrasound around to show the couple.

“Oh my god!”, the mum-to-be exclaims.

“Are you serious?

“I’m gonna be massive!”

‘Send help’
She added the hashtags #sendhelp and #herecomestheboom to the video post.

The mum then jokes that after feeling sick during her pregnancy she thought she’d not have any more kids – and now she won’t have to, because three will be quite enough.

Source:  7news.com

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