Woman sentenced to 8 years for pimping out her teenage cousin in makeshift train wagon brothel

The incident occurred in Patras in 2017

A woman was found guilty of forcibly soliciting her teenage cousin by the mixed Court of Appeals in Patras.

The Romanian woman, 27, will serve an 8-year prison sentence and pay a fine of 30,000 euros after it was revealed during court hearings that she had repeatedly pandered her young cousin.

The woman was charged with the offences of trafficking, pandering as a profession and repeatedly by co-conspiracy, by the Mixed Circuit Court of Appeals in Patras. The incident had initially come to light in 2017 after a police operation.

The sentence was reduced in relation to the first-instance verdict (12 years in prison and a fine of 65,000 euros) in 2017 after the judge acknowledged the extenuating factor of her “post-teen” years.

The underaged Romanian girl had revealed in her testimony that she was forced to have sex with 12 men a day against her will in a train wagon after arrangements made by her older cousin who would be paid for the sexual encounters.

The defendant had transformed an old OSE train wagon at Agios Dionysios, Patras, into an illegal makeshift brothel where the minor was abused daily, forced to accept “clients”.

Police caught the woman in February 2017, when undercover officers posing as clients arrested the 27-year-old.