Zoran Zaev: We will enter the EU as ‘Macedonians’ with our ‘Macedonian’ language

The country’s PM posted on his personal Facebook page

The Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev appeared confident his country would enter the EU with the name “Macedonia” with its official language as “Macedonian” in a post he uploaded on his personal Facebook page.

“We will join the EU. Macedonians who speak the ‘Macedonian’ language,” Zaev wrote in his post on Facebook, saying he was optimistic the difficulties and Bulgarian objections would be overcome by the time the next EU summit is convened.

In the post, Zaev based his optimism on a recent letter he received from Philip Thomas Reeker from the U.S Department of State who currently serves as Acting Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, which underlined Washington support for the European prospect of the Balkan country.

“The ‘Macedonian’ people have always looked and continue to look to the future. All the problems, occupations, and exclusions were overcome due to the desire for a better tomorrow and a better life. The same is true now. We are looking ahead to Europe, this is our only path to a better tomorrow.
We leave isolation in the past because we know that the ‘Macedonian’ future is European. With this name, we continue to look for solutions. It is both European and ‘Macedonian’. We will join as ‘Macedonians’ who speak the ‘Macedonian’ language “.

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