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10+1 Things you didn’t know about Air Force One (PHOTOS)

It looks like a 747 Jumbo Jet, but it so much more than that!…

It’s big. It’s expensive. It’s luxurious. It’s armored. It’s Air force One!
While we have all seen it a hundred times, there are certain facts about it that are simply not known to the public.
Here we have gathered some of them, and they are impressive!

1. On-board hospital
Yes, it has a medical team, just in case, with an operating room at their disposal.



2. Air-refueling
Sir, we have ran out of fuel. We have got to ditch!” That is something that the POTUS will never hear as long as he is on the AF1. Yes, it doesn’t even have to land to refuel. Utilizing USAF technology, it can refuel in mid-air which means it can stay in the sky for a long, long time if necessary…



3. A nuke shelter on wings
It someone pushes the big red button, you ‘d like to be somewhere safe. And while everybody things about going underground, the POTUS can go…upwards if he so pleases! The AF1 has all that is necessary to bring the President home safely should the cloudy mushrooms start…growing rapidly around!



4. Two full-size kitchens for 100 people
We are not talking about pre-cooked-microwave-heated food. We are are talking about two chefs, Italian, French or Greek cousin, lobsters etc. You know… The VIP stuff!



5. It has been used as a spy plane too…
CIA director Allen Dulles in 1959 had turned Air Force One into a spy plane, for a short time, by secretly installing cameras in the plane’s wheel wells that were so powerful they could read license plates from 29.000 feet above.



6. A mobile fully equipped Command Center
Is needed the POTUS can run the country from the AF1. All equipment necessary for this role is there.



7. Air traffic? What do you mean?
Air Force One gets priority over every other plane in the sky and AF1 pilots don’t have to worry about the amount of air traffic. In fact, air traffic at commercial airports is usually halted when AF1 takes off or lands. A lot of the time, the plane lands at military airports so it doesn’t mess with usual air traffic.



8. Yap! It’s pricy!… (1)
In its initial production alone, the “flying White House” cost $660 million and the Air Force helped pay down the bill in $140 million payments.



9. Yap! It’s pricy!… (2)
To operate the plane, it costs $56,000 an hour. Do the math…



10. Why “Air Force One”?
“Air Force One” is not the name of one particular plane. Its the name given to any plane that the President of United States is traveling at that particular moment. Basically a radio call name given to the plane carrying the president in order to avoid confusion with other planes travelling in that particular area. Similarly the Army aircraft the president is traveling is called Army One, his helicopter is called Marine One.



…and 11. “Congratulations! You have twins!”
It’s true. The AF1 has an identical twin brother. You know, just in case… Besides, it is not very wise for everyone to know EXACTLY in which airplane the POTUS really is, right?