A Mars settlement prototype may train astronauts & tourists could go for $6.000 a week (amazing photos)

Take a look at the concept

Even if we succeed in sending humans to Mars someday — NASA hopes to do that in the 2030s — astronauts would need a place to stay once they arrive.

To research how people might one day settle on Mars, engineers and scientists at a company called Interstellar Lab are designing space-inspired villages.

In November, the company announced a plan to build a development, called the Experimental Bioregenerative Station (EBIOS), in California’s Mojave Desert starting in 2021. The design for that project features glass domes for growing food and luxurious bedrooms for astronauts and visitors.

The prototype space village could be used to train astronauts for life on the red planet — or give high-paying tourists a simulation of life away from Earth.

In designing its prototype space habitat, Interstellar Lab considered all the resources that humans depend on to live on Earth.

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