Ad agency execs pose in the nude for company’s ‘rebranding’

The claim is this: become an underwear model in 30 days with heavy-duty training and special ‘extreme’ diet — Plus a corporate mega-PR campaign

This is commitment and creativity that not even “Mad Men’s” script writers couldn’t have dreamed up even after a three-day substance-filled weekend in Atlantic City:
Amid a generous portion of publicity and hype, three executives at a NYC ad agency posed in the nude — with some strategically placed “blind spots” — after a few weeks on a “… low-fat, high-protein diet and intense, professionally guided exercise.”
According to a tell-tale expose in Business Insider, the trio of transformed “hard bodies” — two women and a man — agreed to the photo-shoot as part of the agency’s “rebranding”. Now that’s showing a company spirit.
In a sub-head entitled “Why they chose to pose buck naked”, BI writes that “…the three extreme dieters work for Viceroy Creative, an advertising agency that wanted to rebrand itself in a powerful way last March. As part of the rebranding, they asked some of their key executives to be part of a buzzy photo shoot that would present them totally nude.”
The trio included curvaceous brunette Gabrielle Rein, the firm’s creative director and a recent mom; company president David Moritz and account manager Raegan Gillette, and president David Moritz.
“Naked Man” Mortiz is quoted as telling AdWeek he and his shapely co-executives agreed to the shoot for the good of the company and their clients.
“Getting model-thin in a hurry took a great deal of mental and physical endurance, and it’s that kind of diligent dedication that Viceroy wanted to communicate in their new campaign,” Moritz also is quoted by BI as saying.
Moritz shown before his ‘salad, steak and strength-training’ days.