Alexis Ren naked for Maxim magazine! (sizzling hot photos)

Sexy model lands her first cover

Alexis Ren has had quite a year, from her breakup with fellow Insta star Jay Alvarrez to openly speaking out about her struggles with disordered eating. But the 20-year-old social media star just had her biggest break yet: a major magazine cover, for Maxim.
The 20-year-old model and founder of Ren Active took her cover story shot and ran with it. Here she is commenting on how slut shaming is still a thing people believe in:
“Confidence is what people tend to gravitate toward, and also, obviously, sex. I don’t consider that a bad thing, though. If a woman likes to post about her body, that doesn’t make her a slut, desperate, or dumb. It still blows my mind we are stuck in that perception of womanhood. It’s 2017. Come on, people!”

source: cosmopolitan