Athens & Thessaloniki in top 100 best food cities in the world

Both scored low in price-related categories, however

Not one but two Greek cities were included among the 100 tastiest in the world. A recent survey conducted by Caterwings highlighted the best gastronomic destinations, taking into account ratings of 20,000 journalists specialising in the area as well as restaurant critics, and Athens and Thessaloniki were among the top picks.

The main criteria used were the quality of the food and the variety of choices offered in each city. Athens came in 54th with a score of 8.9/10 regarding the gastronomic destination, while Thessaloniki ranked 75th with a score of 7.2 in the category of the quality of offered services.
However, both cities were ranked relatively low on the range of eating options, with Athens receiving 5.73 points and Thessaloniki 4.81. On the quality criteria, Athens got 5.23/10, and Thessaloniki 5.95. Both cities scored even lower in the price-related category, with Athens getting 4.96 and Thessaloniki 4.40.

San Sebastian, Tokyo, New York and Barcelona topped the list.