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Bakari Henderson murder: “Why are you taking selfie with a black guy” (photos)

Attack was racially motivated

New details on the causes that led to the brutal beating and death of American tourist Bakari Henderson, 22, at a bar in Laganas on the Greek island of Zakynthos are coming to light. Information suggests the attack was racially motivated following the testimony of the blonde Serbian woman involved in the incident. According to new information, the Serbian woman appearing in the CCTV footage taking a selfie with Henderson is 26 and is called Donitsa. In her second revealing deposition to Greek police she says she was approached by one of the Serbian customers and asked why she was taking a photo with “a black guy” when there were so many Serbs there. The Serbian woman who initially had testified to police that she remembered little of the tragic incident on July 7, in a later deposition made it clear that the brawl started because a group of Serbian men in the bar were displeased she was befriending an group of American tourists and Henderson.
“At around 2 in the morning of 7 July 2017 I went to the bar for a drink. That’s where I met the three Americans I mentioned in my testimony, Chad, Bakari, who was the dark man, and a third whose name I do not remember. As we were drinking and having fun, I wanted to take a selfie photo with Chad and Bakari. At the time a party was going on in the bar with many Serbs. At some point one of the people next to me approached me and said: ‘There are so many Serbs in the bar, why are speaking with a black guy’, she informed police in her second testimony. Greek police have detained 8 people believed to be involved in the death of Bakari Henderson and the Greek courts have charged them with voluntary manslaughter.






  • Benjamin Sebastian Thomsen

    America the greatest country because an American is killed in Serbia? Are you serious? So would a Swede or Australian killed in Sudan prove that Sweden or Australia is the greatest country in the world? There is more evidence that America is not the greatest country in the world by you making ignorant statements like that, than there is with this murder. There is nothing great about murders period, so this if anything reflects bad on both America and Serbia.

  • themanews

    We would like to thank you for your input. Unfortunately, under Greek law governing media we are not permitted to publish details of the accused involved in the case, until the Greek courts reach a conclusive, irrevocable verdict on the charges they are facing. The tragic case is still pending, therefore we are unable to disclose any details of the defendants. Once a verdict has been reached by Greek courts, it goes without saying that we will publish all names.
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