Roadblocks by the residents in Lesvos – inside the burned camp (videos-photos)

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The situation in Lesvos is critical once again after the fires that destroyed the Moria hospital.

Proto Thema‘s reporter Frixos Dracontidis is reporting from Lesvos that hundreds of migrants are on the streets of the island, at the same time as residents set up roadblocks to prevent reconstruction work at the site.

The residents protesting against the illegal immigration that has changed their lives on their island. Residents are now demanding not only for the camp in Moria not to be reconstructed but that refugees and illegal immigrants to be relocated.

The situation on the island, which has been declared in a state of emergency since yesterday for four months, is deplorable, but for the first time, perhaps, residents and illegal immigrants want exactly the same thing: to close Moria and relocate in the mainland.

An informal “dead zone” has been created since yesterday on the route from the city of Mytilene to Moria with anti-riot forces blocking the road from the old PPC factory to the Panagiouda junction to Moria.

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The aim is to prevent illegal immigrants from reaching the city, but also to facilitate the army crews to set up tents in two old camps.

At the same time, early in the morning, the ship Blue Star Chios sailed to Sigri in order to accommodate about 1.000 migrants. However, the choice of the ship to go to Sigri provokes reactions in this area as well.

“For the past five years, the whole village has been suffering, we have lifted a burden that the whole of Europe should have lifted. We have reached our limits. Does anyone think of us as we see our property being destroyed? We are protesting, we do not want this camp to be rebuilt”, says a resident of Moria to