Bomb explosion at the SKAI TV station! (photos)

Developing Story!

A powerful bomb explosion occurred at 02.37 at the SKAI TV station in Faliro.

Prior to the explosion at about 00:45′, a person telephoned ANT1 channel and gave a 45-minute warning saying three times that “it’s not a hoax”. The call of the unknown was made from a disposable so-called “Pakistani phone”, as was the case for the call for an explosive device outside the home of Deputy Assistant Isidor Doyakos in November.

The site was secured in time by the police and the building was evacuated. Indeed, the explosion took place at 02:37′, the time the unknown person had given, without any injuries.

Police sources speak of a very strong explosion with the first estimates to account for more than 5 kilograms of explosives. According to the same information, the terrorists who approached the point by motorcycle had put the bomb in a bag. The explosion was so strong that there are damages up to the fifth floor of the building.

The explosive device was located outside the building, more specifically, on the pavement opposite the entrance to the premises, about seven meters away. Police officers also believe that there was a support team with the most likely scenario being that those who put the bomb stopped in the opposite underground passage at a “blind” point without cameras and disappeared. The choice of the point indicates, according to police sources, that the bombers had studied the area well in order not to have their movements recorded.

The explosion was felt many hundreds of meters from the SKAI building, causing concern to the residents of the surrounding areas.