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Cafe in London to offer oral sex to customers!

‘Would you like a bl##job with your coffee?’

The past year saw the opening of naked restaurants in Germany and Britain. But this year if you go into a cafe in London you might be given the option of receiving oral sex along with your coffee! That’s right! The next novelty to hit Britain is the most surreal and controversial cafe ever, namely a cafe shop that offers its customers fellatio while they are sipping on their beverage. You may remember reports on the plans to open the first Fellatio Café in Geneva circulating earlier in the year, and this has now been locked in for a 5 December, 2016 launch.
Following this, founder Bradley Charvet said that he intends to open a second coffee shop in Paddington, London. The Baroque-themed, 150m² café will serve coffee and a few pastries, with customers being given an iPad on which to choose an escort from a list of thumbnails to perform oral sex on them. £50 will be the base charge (billed as ‘the most expensive coffee in the UK’) with £10 added for every extra 15 minutes.  Charvet insists “everything related to [the Fellatio Café] is legal” and his “lawyer is currently setting everything up”.