Caravan Project, a road trip to a better world

The project that looks for inspirational people making the most of their lives is funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation

The Caravan Project started as a road trip around cash-strapped Greece three years ago and soon became an institution as three artists scout Greece for unique individuals whose lives are inspirational. The project consists of a series of documentary films capturing the lives of people whose success isn’t defined in possessions but in the spirit in which they lead their lives. Funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the documentaries are used for educational purposes.

The work in progress is the brainchile of photographer/cinematographer Stratis Vogiatzis who co-founded it with his photographer/artist girlfriend Thekla malamou and their friend Alexandra Salimpa. Co-titled “Another World in Greece” the project is both a travelogue and a source of inspiration for people.

The project follows the lies of people like a shipbuilder from the isle of Chios, a Roma activist from Xanthi in Northern Greece, a farmer from the Halkidiki peninsula in Northern Greek who battles environmental pollution in the area, a homeless Ethiopian artist who draws inside his shed and an old anarchist from Nissyros who makes lyres and gives them away for free.

“In times of uncertainty and social reality in flux The Caravan Project initiative wishes to contribute to the development of a creative dialogue between various social entities and to act as a catalyst for positive social change. Our ultimate goal is to launch Another World is Here, an educational and cultural platform that will use The Caravan’s Project stories as a vibrant educational resource and reach out for more people in cities, villages, schools and universities. Ideally, we would like to offer alternatives to a monodimensional education system and bring people closer to the poetry and sensibility that such human stories emit,” says the team on their website.

To see the 12 documentaries (30 minutes each) and learn more about the Caravan Project, CLICK HERE.

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