Change in names of FYROM airport and national highway to start

FYROM government decided to rename airport and highway as a concession to Greek demands

The placement of the road signs with the new names of the FYROM airport and the national highway will start within the next few days, following the publication of the decision by the FYROM government in the Government Gazette.

The government of FYROM PM Zoran Zaev decided to change the names in its effort to find common grounds with Greece over the ongoing name dispute.

The process of renaming the country’s international highway into “Friendship motorway” and FYROM’s airport to “Skopje International Airport” will begin after the publication in the Government Gazette of the decision taken by the FYROM cabinet yesterday meeting.

The work to replace existing traffic signs with new ones will be conducted by the State Road Fund of FYROM.

The FYROM cabinet decided on Tuesday to rename the airport from “Alexander the Great International Airport” to “Skopje International Airport” and to change the FYROM highway leading to the border with Greece from “National Highway of Alexander the Macedon” to “National Highway of Friendship”.