Chinese babies “Made in Greece”: Bilateral deal to boost fertility tourism from China

The Memorandum foresees the exchange of know-how between Greece and China

China requests Greece’s scientific expertise on Assisted Reproduction after the change in its existing law to a two-child policy, a policy proposed in order to help address the aging issue in China, which finds, though, now the Chinese couples aged enough to conceive a new child, facing numerous infertility problems. Anhui University Hospital by its Assisted Reproduction medical team of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Greece’s medical experts on the field signed an important cooperation agreement to join forces and therapeutic practices, aiming to give the Chinese families a second chance: Chinese babies “Made in Greece”.

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed in Athens between the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui University of Chinese Medicine and, from Greece’s side, the International Health Tourism Council and the Global Greek Doctor’s Institute, in order to “further promote the medical exchanges and cooperation between China and Greece, fully utilize the strengths of the distinctive areas from both sides, enhance the internal development of both sides, and promote cultural exchanges and communication between the two sides.”

The Memorandum foresees the exchange of know-how between Greece and China for the combination of the most advanced scientific methods of Western Medicine in Assisted Reproduction with the Medical practices of the Eastern Traditional Medicine of China, as well as the creation of a Reproduction Center within a large State University Hospital in Anhui Region with the participation of Greek scientists.”

The cooperation with the top Medical staff of Greece on Assisted Reproduction is extremely important for China and we expect that many Chinese couples will benefit from the combination of in Vitro fertilization Medical methods, which will be applied by the Hellenic team, with the Traditional Chinese Medicine methods on Assisted Reproduction. The Agreement of Cooperation and Greek-Chinese Alliance opens up new ways of scientific assistance to the peoples of both countries, broadens the chances of scientific, tourist and cultural exchange and sets new paths in Health Tourism.”, the Chairman of the Center Council for the International Cooperation of Anhui University of Chinese Medicine Mr. Sihong Zhang stated after signing the agreement.

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