Chios: No heating in the refugee hotspots!

Harsh conditions for hundreds of people

A problem in the electric radiators in the Souda refugee hotspot in Chios, is causing continuous and extended power cuts. The situation is really bad as the weather is quite cold and many refugees, including families, are exposed to very low temperatures.

The situation hasn’t been resolved as there is a dispute between the municipality of Chios and the UN people as to whose responsibility it really is. To make things worse, the Samaritans, an NGO, have a plan ready with the necessary steps to solve the problem.

The Municipality argues that it is unable to afford the cost of the electricity needed especially in winter time. The UNHCR on the other hand claims that it never agreed to undertake these expenses…

Until recently the cost was 2000 to 3000 Euros. But as the cost now is rising the problem has reached a dead end. The UNHCR can not hide their concern as time is not on the refugees’ side. The power cuts affect every aspect of their life, such as cooking as well as hygiene issues.

If the plan for the upgrade of the power installation does not move forward the whole investment on the hotspot will be rendered useless, transferring the responsibility to the local authorities.

Until both sides reach an agreement, however, innocent people and especially children will be paying the price.