Coronavirus – Greece has ordered 5 tonnes of chloroquine from India

The cargo will be distributed to companies who will in turn supply it to doctors

The Greek Ministry of Health in consultation with the National Organisation for Medicines (EOF) have ordered large quantities of chloroquine in an effort to battle Covid-19, as it is one of four substances the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates can be effective on patients infected by the virus, according to initial tests.

According to reports, the quantity secured by the Ministry of Health and the National Medicines Agency amounts to a total of 5 tonnes and will arrive in Greece from India. The medical cargo will be transported will to Greece via an Aegean airline’s flight.

The cargo will then be distributed to the Greek pharmaceutical companies in order for them to conduct the necessary preparations and make it available to physicians treating patients in Greek hospitals.

The government’s move was unveiled on Monday during the daily briefing by spokesperson Sotiris Tsiodras.

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