Coronavirus Greece Update: Casualties 7, new cases 82, 1314 in total, 85 intubated

Six patients came out of the ICUs in the last 24 hours

The death toll from the new coronavirus in Greece now stands at 49, as according to Sotiris Tsiodras’ announcement during the daily press briefing, seven more deaths were recorded within the last 24 hours.

Of the 49 dead, 37 are men. The average age of the deceased is 72 years.

A total of 16,732 epidemiological tests have been performed in our country.

According to the Professor, there are 82 new cases in our country and a total of 1,314.

Throughout the country 85 people have been intubated.

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The average age of patients treated is 66 years. Of these, 17 are women.

Six patients came out of the ICUs.

The slow growth of the coronavirus in Greece has resulted in one month to half the deaths of the ordinary seasonal flu, which lasted so many months.