Court orders detention of all 8 accused of murder of US tourist Bakari Henderson

All defendants charged with manslaughter

A Greek Court has ordered the detention of all eight defendants for the brutal beating and the death of 22-year-old American tourist in Zakynthos, Bakari Henderson, following their statements to the Prosecutor.
The Prosecutor charged the eight accused with joint intentional manslaughter. All eight of the defendants denied they were responsible for the death of Henderson.
The Greek barman who was arrested claimed he had taken part in the brawl but said he did not kill the 22-year-old. “Yes, I hit him, but I had no intention of killing him. I saw the brawl with my colleague and I ran to help. ”
The Serbian doorman of the bar, who is also among the accused said he did not hit the victim. “I did not hit him or at least did not cause him deadly blows since my hand is broken,” he told police officers.
The other 6 Serbs refused any involvement in the crime, despite the fact that they can be clearly seen in the footage recorded on the (CCTV).
The cause that led to the brawl and the subsequent death of Henderson is reportedly linked to a selfie the victim took with one of the waitresses. Bakari Henderson was murdered outside a bar on the island of Zakynthos last Friday.