Cyprus tells EU Turkish President Erdogan cannot be reasoned with only via “pleading”

Can Turkey be tamed by words alone, the Cypriot spokesperson wondered

Cypriot government spokesman Kyriacos Kousios said European partners should realise that Turkish President Erdogan cannot be reasoned with only through pleading.

From the roadblock of Deryneia, a large village located on the east side of the island, 2 km south of the city of Famagusta where the people of Famagusta protested against the illegal actions of Turkey in the enclosed city of Famagusta, Mr. Kousios said that “the people of Famagusta, but also the entire Cypriot people, are watching with sadness, the actions of Turkey and its occupants in Cyprus.”

“We are watching with anguish the planning of Turkey and we are anxious for the future of this place, because our intention is to reunite our island through negotiations, through constructive talks based on the decisions of the Security Council and the UN resolutions, the agreed solution lines, but also mainly, based on the principles and values ​​of the EU.

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As the National Council has unanimously decided, we are ready to come to the negotiating table, but not under duress and threats.

Asked what Cyprus expected from the upcoming European Council, the spokesman said that “the issue will be discussed at the European Council, where the President of the Republic will inform our partners and ask straightforward questions. How did the grace period and the requested diplomacy work? Can Turkey be tamed by words alone? Has Turkey heeded the calls of the European Council and the presiding country? “So our partners need to understand that Mr. Erdogan cannot just come to reason through pleading,” he said.