Dijsselbloem predicts 2nd review on Greek program will close at next EuroGroup

Moscovici says Greece’s partners shoould offer new proposal on debt to country

EuroGroup President Jeroen Dijsselsbloem expressed his optimism that the 2nd review of the Greek bailout program would reach a successful conclusion at the June 15 EuroGroup meeting and that the disbursement of the scheduled tranche would also be completed. Speaking to Reuters news agency, the Dutch politician said that Greece would be able to cover its 7-billion euro financial obligations, which are due in July, in time. On the matter of a possible debt restructuring, however, there was a different approach as most EU finance ministers estimated the matter should be left for after 2018 when the current program ends. IMF head Christine Lagarde is also expected to take part in the next EuroGroup, with the organisation insisting that decisions should be reached in July regarding the debt. Meanwhile, European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs Pierre Moscovici told German magazine WirtschaftsWoche that Greece’s partners should table a new proposal for the debt, adding that they could not continue to offer the country the same deal every time after it had made so many efforts. “We can’t use the moto ‘Eat or Die’. That simply can’t happen”, he said.