Diver has epic Nose-to-Nose encounter with one of the most elusive Sharks lurking in the Deep Sea! (video)

The mouth opened and it was “big enough to swim into”!

You may have heard of Megalodon, the massive prehistoric shark, but what about the Bluntnose Sixgill? This enormous, ancient shark was lurking in the deep long before its extinct cousin — and still exists today at the bottom of the ocean. It’s rarely seen even by scientists. But on a recent submarine dive shark expert Gavin Naylor caught amazing footage of one on camera cozying up to his research vessel, seeming to almost flirt and play with the vessel.

“I’m literally nose to nose with this animal,” Naylor, who does research at the Florida Museum of Natural History, told Live Science, referring to his trip in a submersible.

Bluntnose sixgills are the oldest living shark lineage, said Dean Grubbs, a deep-sea ecologist at the Florida Museum of Natural History. Although Grubbs wasn’t on board the submarine that night, the dive was part of his ongoing research on the behavior and biology of these sharks.

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