DW: Islamic State gangs run drug and prostitution rings at Moria hotspot (video-german)

Lawlessness reigns in the worst hotspot in Europe

German intelligence sources told media outlet Deutsche Welle (DW) that fighters of the Islamic State are among the refugees in the Moria hotspot on the Greek island of Lesvos. According to a report by two DW investigative journalists, who managed to infiltrate the refugee reception centre, a criminal gang of Syrian refugees is running a prostitute and drug ring using overt and blatant violence under the threat of Sharia law. The hotspot which has a capacity of 2.500 currently hosts over 8,000 and is considered of the worst in Europe.

According to DW’s reporters, it is not known whether the criminal group is directly or indirectly related to the Islamic State.

However, symbols of the Islamic State in Moria are visible on doors and walls, as hidden camera shots reveal, and that circles of German security authorities have confirmed to DW journalists that members of the Islamic State are now living in Moria. The reports stressed it is not known how well these members are organised. There are also fears that some Islamists have already left Lesvos and are now in Athens, with the possible intent of travelling to Western Europe.

The Deutsche Welle report describes a climate of violence and crime, a situation Greek authorities either are unaware of or completely ignore. The two reporters say they contacted the Greek Ministry of Immigration Policy for comments on the situation but were snubbed, while Greek police also declined to be interviewed.