Economic crisis taking a toll on the Greek “lovers”

They have sex once a week in the start of their relationship

Greeks may be considered sex machines, due to their Mediterranean temperament, but their erotic life seems to be suffering.
Their lacklustre sexual performance is not just a result of bad habits like smoking and obesity, but also anxiety, the economic crisis and feeling the effects of the routine that comes with cohabitation.
According to a survey of a known condoms company, the Greeks seem to have sex at least once a week, a number that puts them at the top of the world rankings. However, once Greeks hit the age of 40 and lose their jobs, sex is not one of their top priorities.
In general, Greek men are still worried about their sexual performance as they see it as a sign of masculinity. They do not go to sexologists or andrologists and they get information from the internet or friends. Those who admit to having sex problems are between 25 and 40 years old regardless of their economic status.
On the other hand, for Greek women, sex is still a taboo subject as they have not learned to demand a satisfying sexual life. In fact, they believe that they can cover any problems they encounter in sex without being perceived by their partner. Feigning orgasms is now a very common phenomenon …
Sex life within a marriage suffers from routine.
Characteristically, couples in the first three years have sex more than ten times a month, compared to more than 50% less frequently after the first 5 years of wedlock. From the seventh year on, once a month appears to be the norm.