ELSTAT gives government leeway for ENFIA adjustments

The government is looking into increasing installments for the single property tax and extending the dates for these

The government is continuing efforts to untangle the confusion caused by mistakes in the application of the new single property ownership tax (ENFIA). The Finance Mionistry rolled back the first ENFIA installment payment to the end of September. Kathimerini reports that the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) said that the tax can be imposed in seven installments instead of the current four installments, following a question posed by the Finance Ministry’s General Secretariat of Information Systems.

ELSTAT’s response gives the government the opportunity to correct mistakes caused by ENFIA in the first quarter of 2015, and help ease homeowners who have been disproportionately taxed.

The revenue to be gathered by March 2015 is to be included in 2014 accounts figures giving the government leeway to correct mistakes but it remains to be seen if the coalition government will take advantage of this.

The coalition is hoping to gather 2.4 billion euros from ENFIA. Initially, 2.65 billion euros had been calculated.