ERT new blunder: Commentator misses third placed athlete in front of his eyes! (video)

One more blunder for the archives

The Greek state broadcaster has made us accustomed some of the most epic blunders live on air. As you might have guessed, they once more have not failed to deliver, as they provided us with another for the archives. This time, during the end of the 5km semi-marathon in Athens on Sunday, which was being broadcast live on ERT state broadcaster, one of the commentators was a little too hasty to offer advice to a young 12-year-old girl who appeared in a “tight camera shot”.

The camera was targeting a more experienced athlete, Katerina Berdousi, who could be seen approaching the finish line, with the commentator recognising her talent as an up and coming athlete in the semi-long distances. Then the camera cut to the young Glykeria Skarkou, 12, in a tight shot (meaning it was not wide enough to gain any perspective as to where she was exactly on the course). At that point, the commentator can be heard saying “she [12-year-old runner] will need many years of training to reach the level of Berdousi”.

The only problem is that the 12-year old could be clearly seen finishing in front of Berdousi live on TV, as the commentator was making his remarks. The annoying thing is that even though he could see this on his monitor, he refused to acknowledge his blunder and continued as if nothing had happened, going on wonder in a completely natural tone “well, does the young girl have a future, or will she be lost as a talent?”.

What can one say, when a “professional” TV commentator pays no attention at all? For the history, the 12-year-old runner finished an amazing 3rd with Berdousi coming in 4th.