EU elections poll: ND has a 9% difference from SYRIZA

New Democracy leads with 8,1% in the Parliamentary election poll as well

In a new poll for in light of the European elections, the main opposition party of New Democracy (ND) leads with 30,1% while SYRIZA is at 21,1%.

Golden Dawn and Change Movement with 6,2% each, while the KKE stands at 5,5%. No other party measured in the poll exceeds the 3% threshold.

The undecided vote is at 17,6%.

In the question regarding the parliamentary elections, New Democracy has 30,6%, against 22,5% of the ruling party SYRIZA, an 8,1% difference.

In the previous poll of the same company in December 2018, their difference stood at 8%. In Northern Greece, however, this difference rises to 12%.

The Change Movement follows with 6,2%, Golden Dawn with 6% and KKE 5,9%, while none of the other parties again have the required 3% for entering the Parliament. The undecided vote is at 18%.

In the question of the most suitable leader for the position of the Prime Minister, ND’s Kyriakos Mitsotakis is at 35,5%, compared to 26,6% of Alexis Tsipras, while the “none of them” answer is at 32,4%.

According to the poll’s data, the main criterion for the respondents’ vote is their financial situation, as they account for 35,6% and 29% for the economy of the country in general. The national issues follow with 19,2% at the third place, while 7,7% will vote with everyday security issues as their criterion.