EU Officials cautiously optimistic on deal with Greece by Sunday

IMF important role in negotiations, says Moscovici

Negotiations between the Greek government and its creditors to reach a deal on the review of the Greek adjustment program are entering their final stages. Sources say an agreement could be sealed by Sunday with the signing of two separate documents; one between Greece and its EU partners and the other between Greece and the IMF. Top European officials, however, are still cautious about this prospect with the head of the Eurogroup, Jeroen Dijsselbloem stressing that the goal was to avert a new Greek crisis before the Dutch Parliament. Dijsselbloem expressed his disappointment on the recording of the private discussion between IMF officials Poul Thomsen and Delia Velculescu revealed last week by whistle-blowing site wikileaks. Meanwhile, European Commissioner on Taxation, Customs, Economic & Financial Affairs, Pierre Moscovici said he was cautiously optimistic, adding that there was still work to be done. ‘We are at a very sensitive stage’, said Moscovici during a press conference. He stressed the important role the IMF played in the whole process, expressing hopes that progress could be achieved during the Fund’s summer meeting in Washington.