Exarchia: Police Operation in occupied buildings underway! (videos-photos)

Police Special Forces teams take part in the operation

Greek police forces are operating since the early hours of Thursday in the Exarchia area in Athens.

According to the same information, the police operation has focused on two buildings and one apartment occupied by anarchists and illegal immigrants in Tzavela Street.

Police Special Forces teams (EKAM) take part in the operation.

According to the owner of one of the buildings that spoke at OPEN Channel, the operation started after a court order that ordered the evacuate the buildings.

Police sources estimate that around 80 people will have been apprehended by the end of the operation.

These are just two of the 60 buildings that are being illegally occupied in Athens.

Explaining why the operation took place in the morning hours, Mr Mavroidakos said that “we find them ‘tired’ these hours”.

However, he remarked that “if by noon it is again occupied, we’ve done nothing”.

Meanwhile at 6 pm residents of Exarchia will hold a rally with the slogan “Exarchia belong to us and our children” to protest for the violence, crime and drug trafficking in the area.

The rally will take place at the junction of Academia and Themistocleous streets.