Fire in Vari: SOS Children’s Villages evacuated (videos-photos)

The fire probably started from a cigarette

A fire broke out in Vari at the end of Odysseos Androutsou Street.

According to the fire brigade, the fire is burning dry grass and low vegetation with the winds for the time being “pushing” it towards a hill in an area that has various antennas.

Due to the smoke, the SOS Children’s Villages in the area were ordered to be evacuated.

At the same time, as the mayor of Voula-Vari-Vouliagmeni, Grigoris Konstantelos, told THEMA 104.6, a nursing home with about 120 guests is being evacuated.

As he explained, “we have a fairly large fire that is behind the hill of the SOS Children’s Villages. It moves to the southern area where there is no residential area but dense vegetation. It’s about 1km to the next settlement”.

According to what firefighters told him, “the fire probably started from a cigarette”.

In THEMA 104.6, the director of the SOS Children’s Villages also spoke, stating that about 100 people were in the area that was evacuated, 55 of whom are children.

“We took them down the main road and into buses. There is no panic because we recently had a relevant exercise”, said Mr. George Protopappas.

Twenty-five firefighters with 10 vehicles have already rushed to the area and a helicopter is throwing water.