First ever interactive art exhibition for pets! (video-photos)

Event to tale place in Singapore

Singapore will next week host what is touted as the world’s first interactive art exhibition for cats and dogs.
At the Paw:sitive exhibition, your pets are in for a (literal) treat, as they fly through clouds and enter a giant cat’s belly for a poke around. At the Peek-a-Pooch installation, dogs are encouraged to stick their heads through little peepholes. On the other side of the fence lies dog treats, toys and a full length mirror, so your dog can gaze at its own cuteness. Jes and Jalon, who created the piece, first came up with the idea for the installation when they saw a video showing dogs poking their noses through their neighbours fences. The event, which was organised by pet food brand Wellness, has been tested by vets and animal behaviourist experts — so no fear, your furry friends are in good hands.The exhibition will run from Sept. 30 to Oct. 8 in Singapore so hurry, we expect there’ll be a line at the door.

source: mashable