Five things olive oil cleans perfectly

Olive oil great as a cleanser, apart from being a healthy food

Olive oil and Greece are virtually synonymous. It has always been a staple of Greek food since antiquity. But it also played a key role in religious and social affairs. Even today, in the Orthodox Christian tradition, when a baby is baptised it is also chrismated with olive oil at the end of the ceremony.
According to legend, Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, is responsible for giving Athens the olive tree as a gift.
But did you know that olive oil is much more than a healthy cooking oil? It is also a unique cleanser for a variety of surfaces inside the house. Here are 5 surfaces olive oil can clean:
1. Stainless steel surfaces
Remove the fats from your kitchen using a little vinegar. Then spread a little oil and then wipe the surface with a little kitchen paper.
2. Leather chairs
Wipe the leather surfaces with a cloth of some olive oil and see them revitalised and shine like when you first bought them.
3. Wooden benches
Clean them with a mixture of equal amount of lemon and olive oil, wipe them with a clean cloth and marvel at your crystal clear kitchen!
4. Cast-iron cookware
Wash the pan with warm water and soap and wipe it. Dip a towel into a little oil and go over the inside and outside of the utensil. Place the pan in the oven upside down and leave it at 180 ºC for one hour. Close the oven and let the pan cool down completely.
5. Silverware
Polish the silverware, carefully wiping it with a soft cloth and some olive oil. We bet you can see clearly see your reflection in the silverware, right?

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