Flows of illegal migrants arriving on Greek-Turkish borders

The numbers are still low

The president of the Border Guards made reference during a Friday morning interview on Skai TV about a flow of migrants in a group which is manageable, only hours after the reports that refugees and illegal immigrants were being moved by bus on the Turkish side of the border to Adrianople (Edirne).

“They are trying to cross the river by boat. They are gathering, not in such numbers as to cause us concern. There is some mobilisation, we are ready “, said Panagiotis Harelas, estimating that the Turkish side was testing “our reflexes”.

The deputy mayor of Feres in Evros, Dimitris Kolgionis, also told Skai TV about a mobilisation of illegal immigrants and refugees on the Turkish side of the Greek-Turkish border on Friday morning, adding however, that the numbers arriving at the borderline were small.

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