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Foreplay a key factor for good sex

Women only need 7-13 minutes of actual sex

Foreplay is the most important key to pleasure for women, as a new study from the University of Queensland Australia revealed. According to the results, women want 26 minutes of foreplay and 7-13 minutes of actual sex to be satisfied.
Women do not want sex to be a quick procedure and in order for them to reach an orgasm, they need a little help when it comes to getting properly aroused before actual sex. After that, 7 to 13 minutes are enough for them to reach climax.
Foreplay can boost the chances for a woman of having an orgasm, scientists reveal. According to Ian Kerner, sex therapist, and best-selling author of She Comes First, “foreplay means better sex for women”.

“I always encourage couples to play sex games before intercourse, because this is how their pleasure will be amazing”, he says.