German journalists take part in culinary trip to Mount Athos area

Event part of Greek Tourism Organisation promotion of region

Three German journalists from major publications were treated to a delicious gastronomic journey to wider area before the entering the Holy Athos Mountain. The culinary trip, which took place at the beginning of June, was organsied by the offices of the Greek National Tourism Organisation in Germany as part of the “MountAthos Area Cuisine 2017” event.
A snapshot of the visit of German journalists to the Pre-Athos area. Monastery dinner in Agios Nikolaos of the Mountain in Stratoniki, together with visitors and pilgrims.

During their four-day stay in the wider area of ​​eastern Halkidiki, the three journalists had the opportunity to enjoy the authentic flavours of the Monks’ cuisine, participating actively in the creation of gastronomic dishes. In addition, they toured the cultural and religious wealth of the Pre-Athos area and discovered its natural beauties, by walking along the famous Aristotelian Hiking Routes and sailing tours. The program also included wine tours and testing of local varieties, as well as participating in original activities such as the making of soap from herbs picked from Mount Athos.