Beware! Giant fin whale approaches Syros port! (photo)

12 metre mammal captured on camera

A 12-metre fin whale was sighted near the port of the Greek island of Syros on Wednesday. Locals and tourists were stunned when the giant mammal was spotted swimming near a tourist yacht just outside the island’s port on. The crew of the vessel quickly picked up a camera and captured the moment. The Balaenoptera physalus, as it is known scientifically, is the second-largest animal after the blue whale. The largest reportedly grow to 27.3 m long with a maximum confirmed length of 25.9 m, while their maximum recorded weight is nearly 74 tonnes. The fin whale’s body is long and slender, coloured brownish-grey with a paler underside. The impressive animal can live up to 100 years, while it is a regular visitor in the Aegean Sea.