Greece 3rd most popular holiday destination for Germans in 2020, data shows

The data was derived from bookings on a popular travel platform

Germans chose Greece as the third most popular holiday destination regarding booking for organised packages in 2020 on the online travel platform CHECK24.

As the data on the platform revealed, both families and couples had Greece high on their preference list.

Only Spain and Turkey were more popular for the site’s guests in the family packages option, while Greece came in second when it came to holiday packages bested only by Spain.

Greece also recorded a 2.1% rise in market share compared to 2019, registering significant gains in family packages (+ 8.4%) and a slight increase in couples travel (+ 0.8%).

In terms of aggregate ranking of popular vacation destinations, the cost of holidays for Greece amounted to 98 euros per day, representing an annual increase of 8.5%. For families the cost drops to 91 euros (+ 8.1% compared to 2019) while for couples it rises to 104 euros (+9.9%).