Greece among only 3 NATO members that pay their share

US and Estonia the other two members that cover 2% GDP limit

Despite it being on the verge of bankruptcy, Greece is one of the 3 countries among the 28 NATO members-states that covered the 2% limit of GDP on military spending in 2016, in accordance to the military alliance’s provisions. The other two countries in the North Atlantic alliance that covered the 2% quota were the US and Estonia. The remaining countries were substantially behind the 2% requirement. NATO’s secretary Jens Stoltenberg seems to echo US President Trump’s sentiment that is unacceptable for the US to cover the defence needs of European countries without them contributing their share in military spending. Greece’s 2% corresponds to 3.5 billion euros, which is a sum equivalent to what the embattled country needs to allocate for the second bailout program review to conclude. Greece lived up to its NATO obligations, contrary to other EU member states that opted to direct their share for the benefit of their peoples. The consistent contribution of such large amounts is explained by the fact that Greece is in a very volatile region in the southeastern borders of Europe and is surrounded by aggressive neighbours, unlike other European countries. US President Donald Trump has openly raised the issue of other nations covering their funding share of the alliance.