Greece can become a strong destination, Greek Interior Minister Theodorikakos says

“Greece can become a strong destination of security and mental health for the whole world”

“Achieving the Greek government’s goal for as few losses of human lives as possible will have an impact on our new economic starting point for the next day,” Interior Minister Takis Theodorikakos said on Sunday in an interview with “Eleftheros Typos”.

“If we remain an exemplary country, Greece can become a strong destination of security and mental health for the whole world. It can be an advantage for the country in the very difficult world that will emerge after the coronavirus crisis,” the Minister said.

Referring to the strictness of the measures and their acceptance by the citizens, Theodorikakos underlined: “All this is done through a process of democratic persuasion and the conscious self-discipline of the citizens.

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“Any government measure cannot be implemented successfully unless society embraces it,” he said and stressed the need for discipline in the logic of individual responsibility: “Greeks are doing their best in difficult times. We are a state and a society of solidarity. We have shown that we are united, that we can have discipline and solidarity and that we are building a strong relationship of trust with the government, the state, and the citizens. Citizens have realized the criticality of the situation. We have a crucial period of two months ahead of us. We must very consciously show patience and composure”.

Source: amna