Greece, here is your health report… and it’s not all bad!

Greeks aren’t drinking as much, but they are still smoking champions and they seem to be getting depressed but this still makes them happier than most!

Greeks are drinking less than they did in 2000 and have now dropped their alcohol consumption to beneath the OECD average.


When it comes to smoking, it’s another story. The 2013 OECD average for adults who smoke each day is 19.7% with Greece being the country with the most smokers where 38.9% of adults are daily smokers.

Globally, when it comes to anti-depressants Greece doesn’t make the top 10 with Iceland at the peak, however  Greek consumption has risen greatly since the turn of the century.


Greece ranks fourth in the world for the use of anti-hypertensive drugs, coming behind Turkey, Korea and Austria.


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