Greece issues counter-NAVTEX against Turkey

The statement says the Turkish Navtex concerns illegal activities in Greek territorial waters

Greece responded to the Turkish navigational telex (NAVTEX) near Rhodes and Kastelorizo for seismic surveys by the Oruc Reis vessel by issuing its own counter-NAVTEX.

The Greek anti-Navtex was issued by the station of the Hydrographic Service of the Navy of Heraklion.

The Heraklion station announced that the Antalya station does not have the jurisdiction to issue Navtex for the specific area. It points out that the area blocked concerns illegal activity and covers the Greek continental shelf. Seafarers are called to ignore the Turkish Navtex.

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Turkey issues provocative NAVTEX south of Rhodes

Four days after the official signing of the Agreement on the partial demarcation of the EEZ between Greece and Egypt, Tayyip Erdogan is realising his threats on Friday, August 7, outside Hagia Sophia that seismic surveys by Turkish vessels would resume immediately.

Early Monday morning the Oruc Reis along with the two smaller research ships Ataman and Cengiz Han sailed from the port of Antalya and sailed south at a speed of about 6 miles per hour.