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Greece may propose a “Friendship Pact” between Greece-Cyprus-Turkey

Feverish talks in the government


According to sources close to the Greek government, there are thoughts about a possible “Friendship Pact”, an agreement between Greece, Cyprus and Turkey.


The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Kotzias are communicating with foreign stakeholders, such as the EU, UK, etc. as the Geneva meeting on the Cyprus dispute on January 12th is coming closer.


Nikos Kotzias will meet with UN envoy on the Cyprus dispute Espen Eide this afternoon.


According to the same sources the government wants to set a specific agenda in order for a new balance to be found with Turkey, thus taking advantage of the international conjuncture to start a new and constructive relation between Athens and Ankara.


In that context the “Friendship and No attack” agreement between the three countries. The agreement will include a clear statement that there will be no intervention rights for all sides and a framework of cooperation regarding natural disasters, fight against terrorism among other things.


The Prime Minister will discuss this will the leaders of the opposition parties in the upcoming meetings he will have with them in the following days.