Greece rejects FYROM proposal after reactions by political parties

The Greek government welcomed the acceptance by FYROM of the use for all purposes name

The Greek government rejected the proposal put forward by FYROM regarding the name. In a statement, the Maximos Mansion welcomed the statements of Skopje’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, who earlier made reference to the prospect of the name “Republic of Macedonia of Ilinden”.
However, the statement stressed that a mutually acceptable name with a geographical or temporal designation should be found, which is not covered by the name “Macedonia of Ilinden”, thus rejecting the relevant proposal. The Prime Minister also stressed that “we welcome the acceptance by FYROM that a solution to the name cannot be achieved without the adoption of the erga omnes name, ie for all uses to all.”
The proposal by FYROM had caused negative reactions by all Greek political parties, including even SYRIZA members, who outrightly rejected the idea saying it was an irredentist name associated with the territorial claims against Greece.

The reactions of the past few hours have even forced the prime minister to send, indirectly but clearly, a message on Saturday morning that the proposal had been rejected specifying that the solution would contain a temporal or geographical definition.