Greece still leads unemployment rate, Eurostat data shows

High jobless rate for country’s young people

Greece remains at the top of the list of the countries with the highest unemployment rate in the EU28, which has an average of 9.1%, the lowest since February 2009. According to data for July 2017 released by Eurostat, unemployment fell both at an individual and collective level. The average rage of jobless stood at 7.7% in the core of the Eurozone states, the lowest rate since December of 2008. The jobless rate remained at 9.1% in July for the 19 member-states of the common currency on comparison to the previous month, while the rate for the EU28 for July stood at 7.7%. Greece had a 21.7% unemployment rate for May 2017, occupying top spot, followed by Spain (17.1%), while Italy (11.3%) and Cyprus (10.8%) make up the worst 4.
At the unemployment rate of young people under the age of 25, Greece also ranks first, with large 44.4%, well above the second Spain (38.6%) and the Italy (35.5%).