Greece: The 12 faces of beauty! (PHOTOS)

Twelve months in Greece!

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Each place is in itself a special world teeming with great secrets and wonderful contrasts. Enjoy it any time, any season of the year and savour a truly special experience.

Check out our suggestions for the ideal destination of the month and pick the one that best suits your style and interests. One thing’s for sure: you will have an unforgettable experience.

January – Kastoria


The famous ‘fur-makers town’ will steal your heart away with its nobleness and serene atmosphere bestowed to it by lake Orestiada. Take a romantic stroll along the narrow street by the lake shore, wander in the uptown neighbourhoods, discover precious byzantine treasures, enjoy a panoramic view of the town by boat and take part in the popular ragoutsaria event. This is an ancient Greek tradition that used to be performed in honour of god Dionysus; people – young and old – wear terror masks in order to ward evil spirits off. Locals are out in the streets with traditional copper musical instruments setting the pace for this special three-day celebration in Kastoria (January 6-8).

February – Patras


The biggest town in the Peloponnese with an adolescent soul and a feisty temperament is home to the most popular of all Greek town carnivals. On Shrove Sunday (the last Sunday of the Carnival period before Lent) a great festive procession takes place with dozens of impressive carnival floats adorned with flowers or satirical figures and parading on the streets of a truly festive Patras. Pick your carnival suit, join the boisterous parade, and dance till you drop.

March – Konitsa


This beautiful borderline town has been built in the traditional Epirus style and it is surrounded by an impressive terrain. It is not by chance that the area figures at the top of the list for lovers of alternative activities and mountain sports. This is where companies trading in nature activities do great business.

April – Corfu


Homer’s island of the Phaeacians welcomes springtime and Easter, Christianity’s biggest celebration. Corfiots follow their age-old Easter traditions faithfully each year. Their customs are a mosaic of various traditions connected directly to the island’s history and multicultural character. The orthodox Christian faith, the traditions of the catholic community, the Venetian influence and the locals’ cheerful temperament have contributed to the creation of special customary practices that are absolutely worth witnessing.

May – Mt. Pelion


The eastern side of the mountain is wild, rough and blessed with luxuriant vegetation that covers the slopes all the way down to the Aegean Sea. The side facing the Pagasetic Gulf is calm and dotted with lee beaches. The villages (also known as Pilioreitika, after Mt. Pelion) are scattered on the mountain amid lush forests and exploring them is a fine way to have a memorable holiday. The best way to enjoy the magical atmosphere of this mountain is to go hiking. The long trail network will help you explore the less known forest paths and discover this mountain’s lovely nature.

June – Rhodes


It has been dubbed “the sun island” as it has more sunshiny days and milder temperatures throughout the year than any other location in Greece. It is, after all, one of the country’s easternmost places and among the first to welcome summer on its impressive beaches. It is cosmopolitan and at the same time honouring traditions, as well as the proud owner of numerous sights, the most important of all being the Medieval (Old) Town which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rhodes has been over time one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations.

July – Crete

Agios Nikolaos_Crete_shutterstock_207280774_560

Chania, Herakleion, Agios Nikolaos, Rethymno. Do you know why these places are popular the world over? If not, this summer may be a very good time for you to find out. Spending your summer holidays in Crete is a lifetime experience; and you have one whole month ahead of you to savour it!

August – Paros


In mid-August, this popular Cyclades island prepares for the celebration of the religious feast of the Dormition of Theotokos (August 15th). The festival’s focal point is the Early Christian church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani (Our Lady Ekatontapiliani), one of the most impressive churches in the Aegean. In Paroikia, the island capital, the religious festival is concluded with a procession headed by the icon of the Dormition of Theotokos (=Mother of God). In nearby Naousa, the harbour is lit up as dozens of fishing boats approach the dock, marking the beginning of festivities.

September – Spetses


Spetses has a glorious past and this you will find out as you take a stroll around or choose a horse-drawn carriage ride – the carriages are lined by the harbour. Every year on the second weekend of September it is customary to have a reconstruction of the Naval Battle of 1822 and to have the Turkish flagship blown up in effigy amid a swirl of fireworks and flares. This reconstruction is followed by numerous other festive events.

October – Thessaloniki


In October, Thessaloniki is on a festive mood. The city of a thousand faces opens up its arms and welcomes visitors with a host of cultural events with an international appeal. The most important celebrations are Dimitria and the Thessaloniki International Film Festival. Theatre performances, concerts, visual arts, dancing, photography and new cinema releases with the participation of artists known the world over lead us into the magical realm of the arts.

November – Athens


A visit to Athens can be an unforgettable experience. A voyage across 6000 years of history! This time of the year, local mild temperatures will be your ally as you visit emblematic archaeological sites, great monuments and art masterpieces. In November, the Marathon Run focuses the international spotlight on Athens. The Athens Marathon is historically privileged to take place along the original Olympic Marathon Route.

December – Trikala


During Christmas and New Year’s holidays beautiful Trikala town is literally transformed into a huge amusement park for young and old. The Mill of Elves hosts the most mischievous team and promises to offer unforgettable moments of joy and fun. The huge fairytale park, the Pirate Ship, the Chocolate Factory, Santa Claus’ House and much more will guarantee the best of entertainments!