Greece’s first lady tells Vogue “No thanks!”

It doesn’t look as though she’ll change her fashion style any time soon

Betty Batziana, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras partner, has received a great deal of attention from the international press since her husband catapulted to global attention. Friends close to the publicity-shy first lady told the Athens satirical weekly To Pontiki that she was amused by Vogue’s suggestions, however, not persuaded to change her wardrobe.

She said haute couture is far removed from her lifestyle and mentality, though she follows the dress code in her husband’s official engagements without “breaking the budget”. The young mother of two also reportedly hates shopping, but when she does shop she chooses budget friendly options.

Vogue’s suggestions –



Her husband, radical leftist Alexis Tsipras, made similar comments when questioned about his own simple choices when it came to living in a penthouse flat in a densely populated Athens inner city district — rather than in one of the leafier northern suburbs or close to the coast — and choosing frugal travel options. He said that this summer he’ll continue to holiday at the Moutsouna site on the Cyclades isle of Naxos, where he can really feel relaxed rather than opt for the more luxurious resorts Greece features.